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What is IoT?


Definition of IoT

IoT stands for "Internet of Things". It is a mechanism to connect things to each other by connecting to the Internet, exchange information with each other and control them.

How IoT Works

IoT works based on the following flow.
① Acquire information from objects with "sensor"
② Accumulate data in "※ cloud" via the Internet
③ Analyze the data accumulated in the cloud
④ Objects work according to analysis result
※ "Cloud" ... servers connected by network. Because information is on a network space like clouds, it is called a cloud.

Classification of IoT

IoT can be divided into several stages.
1st stage:visualization
2nd stage:Control
3rd stage:Automation of optimization and efficiency improvement

Those connected by IoT are not only digital ones (smartphones, televisions, cars, electric appliances), but also analog items (wallets, shoes, clothes) and people.
Based on connected things, IoT is divided into several phases.
IoT-II:Humans・living things

Also, those that connect robots in the network are called "IoRT (Internet of Robotic Things)" in particular.

We focused on nursing robots utilizing IoRT technology and carried out demonstration experiments on robots that alleviate nursing care burden.
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Why has IoT become popular?

IoT recent years, it has made a rapid spread, which depends on four factors.

  1. Price reduction of sensor·Increase of type
  2. Price reduction of devices
  3. Improvement of communication environment
  4. Development of data accumulation / analysis infrastructure (cloud service)

For these reasons, data has become fast and cheap to handle.

Changes that IoT brings to the society

By linking "things and people" and "things and things (M2M)",we   came to be able to do following things that only IoT could realize.

  1. Mass Collection of Data
  2. Analysing of Data
  3. Creation of New Value by Utilizing Analysis Results
Then, the creator of the product can easily grasp how the user uses the product, and how to use the product the creator did not create. These will lead to improvements of services and products,Activation of development,and creation of new value.

In order to grasp how the user uses the product, they have done interviews and questionnaires so far, but this did not necessarily give accurate results. In that sense, in terms of accurate grasp, IoT has brought about great progress.

In the age of mass production, although the distance between "creator" and "user" was far apart,IoT will play a role of connecting "creator" and "user" and shortening the distance between them.

The unidirectional development method, from enterprise to user, becomes interactive from enterprise to user / from user to enterprise, and new value can be created.
In this way, by having everything connected to the Internet anytime, anywhere and in any environment, various new services are provided, our lives become convenient, the economy is activated and social problems are alleviated. We call it ubiquitous society.

In the present age,which changed from the mass production society to the ubiquitous society,it will be expected that strengthening international competitiveness and creating new value will occur by combining the former "craftsmanship culture" and "IoT."

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