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The Function of Watching Over



Based on Our Aweareness of the Issues 2, It aims to notify the cared person of going out during wandering.
We simply verified how effective the robot was to reducing the burden on caregivers of home care by using pepper.

Specifically, it prevents the elderly from wandering.
Especially, it prevents dementia patients who are receiving home care from single households or elderly households from going out without being noticed by anyone.

As a method, let pepper detect that the care receiver goes out, and inform the caretaker of the time and destination by email.

Our hypothesis

Because there are robots that lighten the burden on the family, the need for family members to keep watching the elderly is reduced, so the burden on the family is reduced. In particular, it is effective as a watching over dementia patients while elderly people living with elderly are living together (caregivers) going out, or when a distant family cars a single household or elderly household.

We assumed a situation where pepper was placed in the entrance.


We used an application "Choregraphe" to make following program. We downloaded the program into Pepper and ran it.

Pepper detects a face

ask "Are you going to go out?"

(If Pepper couldn't hear, Pepper asks again.)
if the elderly man going to go out, ask "Where are you going to go?"
(If Pepper couldn't hear, Pepper asks again.)

send an e-mail to tell that the elderly man went out.

say "OK, take care!"

We connected Pepper to wi-fi, and made a film of working Pepper.


We were able to let Pepper know where elderly people are going to go. Moreover, I was able to send the state to the mobile phone by email.


    Followings are good points we found in this experiment:
  1. Pepper is effective for reducing the burden on home caregivers.
    With pepper intervening in the problem of wandering that the caregiver's correspondence has not caught up with, it becomes possible to detect going out of dementia patients even at home, and it is possible to reduce the burden on caregivers.
  2. It is also effective for reducing the risk of accidents caused by wandering
    In addition to alleviating the burden on the caregiver, it is possible to reduce the risk of missing by detecting wandering at an early stage, especially in long-term family care care.

    We found some problems.
  1. It is necessary to stabilize internet connection.
    →In the experiment, it took a while to send mail. In order not to spend as much time as possible to send mail, it is necessary to stabilize internet connection.
  2. It is necessary to stabilize the motion of the robot.
    →If pepper is standing a certain burden is applied to the motor of the joint part, it can not keep standing for a long time. It also causes an error and stops the operation. Therefore, it is difficult to operate it for a long time unattended. During the experiment, there was a case where the pepper had to make an error and restart it. The stability of the robot itself watching the elderly also becomes an important problem.

We found some technical problems, but if these problems are solved, the robot can contribute to reducing the burden on caregivers from this experiment.

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