About IoT Nursing Expt.

Our Conclusion and Proposal

What We Verified

We have raised questions, experiments and considerations on the application of IoT to the nursing care field at this site. And we were able to prove the influence of nursing care robots on nursing care as follows.

Influences on the Elderly Who Need Nursing
  1. It can reduce the stress caused by being monitoring
  2. By using the robot, the elderly are likely to be independent
    The Sota connecting to the network would make the elderly relaxed and their brain energized through its content of recreation provided through the network.

Influences on the Caregivers
  1. It can reduce the caregivers' burden
  2. They would came to be able to do remort nursing.
    A nursing robot that utilizes IoRT technology and equipped with a watching function can eliminate the need for a care giver to always watch the care giver and alleviate the burden on the care giver.
  3. Promotion of independence
    Because they encourage motor function improvement and livelihood activation, they can promote independence of the elderly.
    Also, it can be more effective if incorporated in nursing care programs

Our Proposal Based On Our Experiments

Based on the experience of "the function of watching over"
  1. Further speeding up and stabilization of the network should be done.
  2. Improvement of robot image recognition technology is necessary.
  3. It is necessary to stabilize the motion of the robot.

Based on "the demonstructive experiment of the Sota"
  1. AI technology and the quality of robot's voice should be improved to improve the quality of conversation of nursing robot.
  2. Content to be provided through the Internet should be developed to be enjoyable for the elderly from the bottom of their hearts.

Based on the Two Experiments

It is possible to utilize the nursing robot more effectively by incorporating it into an existing nursing care program instead of leaving it to only the nursing robot.
Therefore, cooperation between people and robots should be important.

What We Should Do

In order to more effectively utilize nursing care robots and reduce the burden on caregivers, we believe that the following will be the task for the future society.

  1. Assumptions for Practical Application
    →There is a high possibility that the elderly who require nursing freely manipulate (turn off the power etc.)Also, the accuracy of communication is not very high yet.

  2. Robot Technology Development
    →It is conceivable that the robot watches the care recipient for a long time at the actual site.
    If the robot fails to move or it can not move, care can not be taken.
    It is necessary for the robot to care for itself to move stably for a long time.
    Operation stabilization · Image recognition etc Improvement of various sensors accuracy · AI · speaker controlling conversation

  3. Improvement of Network Technology
    →Improvement of the stability of the line is required to improve the reliability of robot operation assuming network connection.
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