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Our Awareness of the Issues

In response to the above problems, we will pick up specific problems that IoT may solve and think of solutions.

Facility care~ view from nursing care workers ~

In order to know the state of the actual nursing care site, we visited Denmark Inn Shinjuku, a nursing-age elderly health facility, and we interviewed Ms. Yamada, the chief director of this facility, and Mr. Chiba ,the nursing care chief of it.             
In this facility, they change the accessories of the room or lobby according to the elderly caregiving degree, and we also offer day service to those who do not have them by bus for rehabilitation during the day only, and for each person We provide fine-grained nursing care services. It brings a place for relaxation to elderly people in the connection with the area and family and is helping to extend health life span.

Unlike hospitals that emphasize treatment and recovery, at the nursing care facilities, the goal is to restore the motivation to live by increasing self-made things through rehabilitation, to support independence and heip the elderly to live a higher quality of life. care workers feel rewarding when they look at the way people moving from a hospital to a nursing home will regain a smile. However, as individual responses are needed, the current situation is that the number of care workers for carers has not kept up.

In Denmark Inn Shinjuku there are 160 elderly people (average 85 years old, from 70 years old to 99years old) ,and 3 to 4 caregivers take care of as many as 30 users. Although it is reasonable in terms of management,the ratio user 3: care workers 1 seems to be ideal.

Caregivers at Denmark Inn provided high-quality nursing care services while being extremely busy. Then, let's see a rough day care program.

In addition to serving meals and clearing the table ,care workers have to do excretory care and recreation. Especially, elderly people become bored in bathing time when care workers must respond one by one.

Our awareness of the issue no.1

  1. The problem is how to fill the vacancy time or not to bore the elderly.
  2. We need IoT products that fill up vacant time and reduce burden
Based on these, we conducted the experiment of the Sota.
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Home Care - Limits of Family Care -

We think about even more serious problems among home care problems,such as old-age nursing care and nursing care by a family in the distant place.
The following is the experience of a member of the web production team, Ophelia.
Please think about what kind of problems are present in home nursing care to read the following experience stories.

The experience of Ophelia

My grandparents live overseas. I and my parents are visiting them at least once a year.

However, seven years ago, my grandfather was diagnosed with dementia. Then old-age nursing care by grandmother began. One of the troubles my grandmother leaked from time to time was wandering as a symptom of dementia. For example, despite being inside the house, my grandfather was going to leave the house , saying "I have to go home...No, I need to go to the office" . My grandmother repeatedly tried to stop him, but my grandfather in onset tried to leave the house with a brute force without hearing what she said. It was too difficult for my grandmother to stop my grandfather. Also, the decline in the ability to identify people due to dementia has badly hurt my grandmother's heart. My grandfather occasionally recognized her grandmother who was supposed to be his wife as another person.

In this way, My grandmother on the caregiver was exhausted both mentally and physically.On the other hand, my grandfather also suffered from his own symptoms and apologized to my grandmother from time to time.

There were cases where neighbors came to help my grandmother, who take care of the elderly. However, my grandmothernoticed that there was a limit to elderly care and she began to think about sending my grandfather to a nursing home. However, my grandfather was not able to adapt himself at a nursing home because of his shy personality, and the symptoms worsened, and it came until being delivered in the ambulance.

My grandmother came to go shopping ,leaving the grandfather whose physical fitness fell at home. Then my grandfather has fewer opportunities to go out and less chance to talk with people. In the past, he saw a soccer match on television and skipped the tournament, and He stopped reading the Mainichi newspaper and increasingly went to bed or slept on the sofa.

Through this project I think now that these have led to worsening of my grandfather's symptoms. So if I had IoRT robots such as pepper at my house, I could have improved such situation. Furthermore, in addition to dementia, grandfather was also concerned about elderly hypertension. That's why my grandmother had a daily routine to measure my grandfather's blood pressure every morning. If I was able to utilize such wearable devices, those would also measure blood pressure. I think that the hardship of my grandmother would be drastically reduced.

Therefore, I thought that if older elderly care at home was easier for my grandmother, they could have enjoyed her life after retirement, my grandfather would have lived more vigorously and more lively.

Our Awareness of the Issue no.2

  1. A watching overnight network is needed to notify caregivers of going out of the carer during wandering

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