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Application of IoT to Nursing Care Field


In recent years, "Health, medical care, nursing care" is listed as one of the strategic fields where the government concentrates policy resources while strengthening it. Specifically, promotion of independence support by introducing scientific care such as IoT is available. And the material that describes them is "Future Investment Strategy 2017" (Figure 1).

"Future Investment Strategy 2017" is… a government measure that solves social problems by incorporating innovation such as IoT, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), robot etc. into various industries and social life. It is a summary of the contents of consideration at the "Future Investment Conference" held 10 times from September 2016 to June 2017, and it was decided by the Cabinet on June 9, 2017.

(Figure 1)(quotation)

2nd 1. (2) Maximum utilization of technological innovation, optimal health care and medical treatment, personal care and nursing care focused on self-reliance support as individual and patient-oriented. Establish a data utilization infrastructure. Building a model that combines AI and robots to improve on-site productivity, provide high quality, efficient health, medical care and nursing care services.

① Establish effective lifestyle-related disease prevention service by collecting daily health information using Iot equipment such as wearable terminals.

③ Building a mechanism to equip and recognize the cloud environment for AI development.

⑤ Utilization of robots and sensors at nursing care staff at present stage and development of robots in the future will contribute to maintaining and improving the lives of users by supporting independence and reducing the burden on caregivers and aim for realization of both. Support creation of care plan using AI.

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ICT / IoT system gathering attention now in nursing care facilities

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