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In recent years, many nursing care products have been developed using IoT technology. In particular, the development of nursing robots using IoRT (robotic IoT) technology has become active and commercialized.

Nursing care robots are classified into three types.

Type1. Nursing care support type ... Robots that support nursing care services such as transfer, bathing, excretion.

Type2. Independent support type ... robots that support elderly who requires nursing care such as walking, rehabilitation, eating, reading.

Type3. Communication / security type ... Robots that heal and watches over the elderly.

Then, we will introduce three nursing robots . All of them are type3(Communication / security type)


It is Pepper ,which now has come to be found in restaurants and electronics stores in the cities. Although it is a general-purpose robot whose use is not limited to nursing care, it is expected to play a role as a nursing robot. In fact, in "Sagami Robot Development Special Zone", a demonstration experiment using Pepper as a nursing robot was conducted.

We conducted demonstration experiments using pepper.
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It can speak to some extent according to our voice. Apart from the robot itself, a television screen is provided and various information can be displayed. When connected to the service company's network (cloud), you can use recreational functions such as gymnastics, songs and quizzes through the TV screen.

We conducted a demonstration experiment that we had elderly people use this robot.

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While most of nursing robots are using tires, They walk biped. It carries AI (artificial intelligence), it can detect the face and recognize each individual, it can remember the name and talk to the perspn according to his or her personality. Also, when you make a call such as "recreate" it will recreate dance and songs.

In addition to providing nursing care, it plays a role as a concierge and heals the eldely.Robots have not been able to share the data of conversation among robots and lead to improvement of the quality of conversation yet.

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